"Yeah I had fun in college, except for that year I was a live-in sex slave for Gandalf." (Via)

Looking for a roommate is every young person's rite of passage, and like most rites this one often ends in bloodshed. Searching the ads you learn all about the human condition and its propensity for veganism, nudism, and in-home compost heaps. These immensely entertaining ads represent the full spectrum of strange, scary and delightfully insane characters encountered during the typical Craigslist roommate search.

Does the other wife also have to be a "state fitness winner"? Or just a medalist? (Via) 

Not bad, but how much "walking around" is required. Sexy dudes can be lazy too. (Via)

Count the exclamation points. That's how many times per week this guy will accuse you of leaving a dish in the sink. (Via)

Updated 5/27/14:

I may let you pay for shelter with prostitution, but I draw the line at parties! 

Okay, that's a nice living room. Maybe staring at balls all day is worth it?

Yoga, vegan, fine. Why'd you have to bring "hugs" into it?!

"Curvy" woman for cleaning? At least the "barter for sex" guy was up front about it. 

Doesn't Craigslist have a "no astrological discrimination" policy?

Updated 4/24/14:

Nothing like a roommate whose primary demand is "care for me." (Via)

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