You can sit there, but no pics up the legs of my shorts!

The above photo popped up yesterday on Reddit's NYC subreddit with the title, "Being a workaholic is no excuse for being an asshole. Spotted on the crowded 1 train this morning."

As many pointed out in the comments on the post, this train is nowhere near crowded. On a crowded train people would be standing on his kneecaps. So basically, without any background on the pic, this guy is guilty of being a little weird, perhaps in the grips of an Internet addiction, and maybe overly trusting of subway floor cleanliness. 

A number of Redditors came to the guy's defense in the comments on the post, but things took a turn for the remarkable when the floor-sitter himself found the post, and offered this comment in his own defense:

And you used to think New Yorkers were rude!

Everyone loves to call others out for breaches of subway etiquette, but there's not a single person in this city who hasn't defied it themselves. Even though I hate seeing people lean their body against the pole, prohibiting others from having a place to grab on, I've done it myself. There comes that one day when you just say, fuck it, I'm going to be the guy on the subway everyone's pissed off at today. I need this!

But if you have an air-tight, sympathy-inspiring explanation in your backpocket, and a flawlessly gracious way of expressing yourself like this guy has, you're home free. Stretch out and take a nap if you want. We'll all be online yelling at the guy who called you an asshole.

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Reddit