This kid writing to his parents is really getting a jump on his teen years. (Via)

Kids are shockingly disgusting, perverse, and inappropriate. They're also our future. So we should probably pay attention to the weird messages they're passing to each other during class, because someday they'll be teachers, cops, and senators still passing poorly spelled notes with overtly sexual content. Here are some of the best kids' notes we've ever seen, and by best we mean they'll make you question ever having children.

All day long? How does she find the time to teach? (Via)


She did say balls. The kid is human. (Via


She was trying to write "cute"? I hope? (Via)


If it makes you feel better, everyone living is also dying. (Via)


Seriously, Valerie. Run girl! (Via)

Updated 5/22/14:

She really needs to find a job where her boss respects her. (via)

Blunt, but concise. (via)

Dr. Lawrence has excellent handwriting for a doctor. (via)

At least she told you where she was. (via)

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