Jon hates Kate, part eight.

The next time Jon Gosselin sits down with his Couple's Therapy castmates and asks "You guys keep a journal?", furniture will be broken as they knock each other over while fleeing the area. Because the next time they'll know that it's not so much a question as it is an excuse for Jon to rant about his ex-wife Kate and talk about the book he's written, which could be titled An Idiot's Guide to Hating Your Ex-Wife.

He says the book is ready to go but that he's "afraid to publish it," which, translated for non-literary types means he "can't get his book published." The same way I like to say I'm "afraid to dunk a basketball," or I've "decided to not host the Tonight Show."

It's clear that Jon just wants to be a good father to his children, which to him means going on a reality show and calling their mom a "shitty human being." So much of Couple's Therapy is Jon ranting about his ex that it's clear the producers were hoping to land Jon and Kate, but wound up settling for Jon and his date, as long as she'd be cool sitting around the house while Jon slings mud on Amercia's least favorite mom.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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