Just one of those "lookin' too good not to be famous" mornings. You know how it is.

This is Instagram user thelagirl. She's from LA, and this is a photo of her walking down the street having a nice phone conversation with her mom. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that she looks good. So good that LA picture-snatchers assumed she had to be famous, and mistook her for Academy-Award winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson. Soon the picture was on sites like I'm Not Obsessed, and J-Hud herself had to take to social media to ensure that she didn't steal credit for how with-it this woman's outfit was on Saturday:

Some Advertising

God dammit, sparkielou, if you can't say anything nice then don't Internet comment.

ThatLAgirl took all the attention in stride, reminding people that she wasn't impersonating Jennifer Hudson, just having a conversation with her mom—because she doesn't need a reason to look terrific.

I don't know what Damn Popcorn means, but I have a feeling I agree.

Anyway, just thought you'd like to know that as you sit at your desk this fine Monday, thinking about how you put on different-colored socks in the dark this morning, that some people look so good it causes problems for them.

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