Eyes down here!

I do honestly hope that you're not offended by the mere suggestion—and I'm certainly not implying that this is something that you'd necessarily enjoy—but I felt that it was my duty to inform you that, should you wish for such a thing, you could totally jump around inside a big bouncy house made out of a bunch of enormous inflatable boobs if that was something you wanted to do. 

Again, that might not be your thing. And I'm not suggesting it is or is not. Nor am I making a value judgement one way or the other. All I'm trying to do is let you know that if, by some chance, bouncing around against gigantic nipples and gargantuan areolas seemed like the kind of thing that you wanted to do, then you might want to consider visiting the Museum of Sex in Manhattan to check out their "Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground" exhibit.

Obviously, that's not for everybody. But even if that's not for you, you can always "scale a wall of orifices and appendages" on something called Grope Mountain. They have something for everybody.

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Museum of Sex | h/t Death & Taxes