"I can't believe we forgot the Internet is full of humans! How silly are we?!"

So, last week I wrote about a very amusing video in a post entitled "Some guy's drunk wife came home and tried to make 'grilled cheeses.'" I wrote about it because I thought it was funny and I enjoy happy drunks trying and failing to make simple snacks. I was very surprised to learn that the drunk wife from the channel My Drunkwife was actually comedian (and Someecards contributor) Ashley Bez! I really just thought some guy started the channel as his way of dealing with his wife's drinking problem.

Look how fun that looks! I'm talking about the food, jerk. Anyway, it was delightful, and it got a great response. However, it turns out that at least some fraction of the people who enjoyed the video enjoyed it for different reasons. Two reasons, as a matter of fact.

Well, it doesn't change the fact that the video was funny and so is Bez and her co-star Matt Gehring. So, go follow Bez on Twitter or subscribe to My Drunkwife on YouTube. Just try to keep your boob comments offline, alright?

(by Johnny McNulty)

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