Bow tie with a checked shirt? I don't blame him for being upset.
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Yesterday afternoon, someone who goes by the name of MaxViren posted this photo of a friend's rather disgruntled-looking child to Reddit's r/funny forum. Apparently noticing gold when he saw it, redditor TrojanThunder crossposted to r/photoshopbattles mere minutes later with the headline "Baby Bartender". As you can probably imagine, a fantastic time was had by all:

"...and the rocking horse you rode in on." (via 8ty9)

"I... drink... your... PediaSure! I drink it up!"
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"For Mom's sake, get to the point, Harry!"
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"Don't make me cranky. You wouldn't like me when I'm cranky."
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"Tricksy parentses think they can send us to napstime?"

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Meanwhile, back in the original thread, redditors were busy turning the baby curmudgeon into a somewhat unsettling meme:

A reasonable sentiment.

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I'd rather not.
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This kid needs his mouth washed out with Johnson & Johnson. (via Fett2)

Just do what he says, Voldemort. He means business.

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Sources: redditor MaxViren | redditor TrojanThunder