But it was slightly warm, you stupid jerk.

A dad decided to take out his frustrations with his constantly whining toddler with some good old-fashioned internetsploitation. The brilliant Tumblr Reasons My Son Is Crying is the latest, greatest form of birth control. We think the dad is trying to show how it's impossible to get things right with a kid who has a meltdown every five seconds, but frankly, on a Monday morning, we totally understand where the kid is coming from.


This kind of child abuse shouldn't even be allowed on the internet.


Lube that slide up, Dad.


To be fair, the sound of his brother's voice will kill anyone in hearing range.


Don't act like a train can fix this!


There's a right cup and there's a wrong cup. Doesn't take a genius to figure out.


Let us just ask you this: why do you hate your child?


He's just getting into character. Giraffes are total crybabies.

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