The only things #SFBatKid can't save me from are my emotions right now.

This is the hero we need, deserve, want, and are barely avoiding happy tears at work over. Miles Scott is a 5-year-old kid from Tulelake, CA with leukemia who was diagnosed at 18 months and just finally battled it into remission. He thought he was flying to San Francisco just to pick up a Batman costume. What he didn't know was that the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the City of San Francisco, and literally thousands of volunteers turned the city into Gotham with a day full of capers for BatKid to solve. Someone even donated Lamborghinis for the day to be turned into Batmobiles. The San Francisco Chronicle is publishing a special edition with the headline "BatKid Saves The City!" Across the nation, many, many more are tuning in to live feeds and following the hashtag #SFBatKid to catch all the updates.

Seriously, I can barely type this because it's too nice and I'm a horrible grinch suffering from my heart growing three sizes (it's a lot less comfortable than the movie implies). Just absorb all this if you can and try to understand how the world can still be so kind sometimes. First on BatKid's day of adventures was rescuing a damsel in distress who had been tied to the trolley tracks and strapped to a device by the Riddler:

No one in SF/Gotham can solve the Riddler's devices! Except, maybe...

BATKID! And his helpful sidekick, Batman. Whoever that is.


I really don't remember the comics ever giving me this many feels.

They're just going to have to print a late edition when he stops the Penguin!

Always on duty, BatKid was immediately summoned to flush the Riddler out from a bank robbery in progress:

Kinda looks like a pool table but hey, not really the point.


He's on the job, and exhibiting proper safety precautions in the Batmobile.

This kid moves like an action hero better than the big guy.


Riddle me this, BatKid: How are you so friggin' adorable?

It's 3 hours earlier in San Francisco, so his adventures are still happening! Follow along with #SFBatKid or on the Make-A-Wish Twitter feed! Next up for BatKid: The Penguin is about to steal San Francisco Giants mascot Joe Seal!!!

Did I mention the BatLamborghinis?

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