Wile E. Coyote filling out his day planner. (via Twitter)

October Jones is a wildly creative artist who came up with an ingenious way to pass the time while riding the train. He's known to his family and friends in Birmingham, England as Joe Butcher. But as October Jones he's the brains behind a popular series of books and videos called Texts from Dog.

Instead of reading, sleeping or staring out the window like most people stuck on a train, Jones uses his talent to entertain himself and his Twitter followers while having fun with oblivious passengers. The ability to incorporate anyone around you into a cartoon that can be sent out instantly to tens of thousands of people must feel like a superpower of sorts. Some guy across the aisle just gave you a nasty look? Now he's a grumpy bear. An inconsiderate passenger taking up two seats? How about a giant head and handlebar mustache.

It's a good thing Jones is a nice guy who has seemingly decided to use his powers for good. Because in the wrong hands, which is to say most people's hands, the drawings would be a lot less funny and probably NSFW.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Reddit