Are we the self we project, or is the self a firmer construct? mrpimpgoodgame has answers.

The art of the selfie is something that takes years of practice and study. There are many dabblers in selfie-snapping, but your average college girl is rarely taking more than 17 or 18 selfies per day, with many different settings and facial contortions coming into play. Only one man has undertaken a measured, controlled study of the self. That man is mrpimpgoodgame on Instagram.

His feed is page after page after page of plainly presented selfhood. On first glance, only the slightest variation is evident between pictures. A more modest smile here, a trim of the mustache there. But on closer study, we see mrpimpgoodgame's feed is an exploration of the many selves contained within the psyche.

We might appear unchanged outwardly, but inwardly, from minute to minute, we are completely new creatures, affected by our changing environments and cicumstances in countless ways. 

You might look at mrpimpgoodgame's feed thinking, "All these pics are the exact same. Why is this guy wasting my time like this?" But mrgoodgame knows every single photo is of a completely different person. Every single selfie presents a never-before-photographed self. This is his message. This is his mission.

Or he's just a dude who really likes taking pics of his own face.

See them all! It's hypnotic. Really.

Sources: mrpimpgoodgame on Instagram