"I love you. This is bad. I love you you're beautiful."

Meghan Watermann, AKA YouTube's m3gtr0n

was letting her pain meds make her decisions for her when she attempted to do the Ice Bucket Challenge only an hour after getting her wisdom teeth out. She's a very sweet girl who wants to help, and she's also a total mess.

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Her face is swollen, she's bleeding out of her mouth, her "bucket" is a mixing bowl, and her mom could walk in on her any second to pull the plug. Mom told her not to leave her room. She probably wanted to make sure her daughter didn't do anything crazy until she was off those hardcore drugs...


She just needs to have a minor emotional breakdown because she has "no idea what she's doing" and she doesn't want to get her hair wet. But even in her dental fog she desperately wants to help people, not just look at Ryan Gosling's white dick. 


When she's not bleeding from her face and hearing things, redditors have noted that "she's actually quite a good singer." I have to agree. Here's our bloody songstress with a noticeably less puffy face and much more intelligible diction:

Don't forget the reason for the season, donate for ALS research here.

(by Myka Fox)

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