"You keep wearing that shirt. I do not think it means what you think it means."

It’s inconceivable that some passengers on a recent Qantas flight from Sydney to Auckland didn’t recognize the quotation from The Princess Bride on longtime fan Wynand Mullins’s t-shirt. Instead, they assumed Inigo Montoya’s vow of revenge for his father’s death was a threat from the most obvious terrorist ever. After passengers complained, a flight attendant asked Mullins to change, apparently operating under the misapprehension that terrorists get their power from scary t-shirt slogans. In truth, it would save a lot of time at airport security if hijackers started wearing shirts that said things like "Might want to choose another flight" or "I am a dangerous terrorist who is going to blow up this plane" or the vaguely threatening "As you wish." 

Sources: Gawker