The most insane roommate ads ever posted on Craigslist.

Just don't start the dialogue with, "So what are you wearing?"

Looking for a roommate is every young person's rite of passage, and like most rites this one often ends in bloodshed. Searching the ads you learn all about the human condition and its propensity for veganism, nudism, and in-home compost heaps. These immensely entertaining ads represent the full spectrum of strange, scary and delightfully insane characters encountered during the typical Craigslist roommate search.


You better like him. It's really hard to move out in the middle of the ocean.


Hi. Please help me fulfill my dream of having live-in threesomes. I can offer shelter.


So if I move in, is that thing in the corner up for grabs?


It's bi day today. Do bisexual people date or do they jump straight into moving in together?


It might be worth moving in with this couple just to watch their relationship disintegrate.


Updated 2/27/14:

Sorry, but if you ingest dairy, no live-in threesome situation for you!


You get a nice room, and every once in a while you have to carry the pumpkin.


Why's "taking a shit" a part of it? Nudism and poop don't go hand-in-hand.

[ Via Torontoist, Blame It On The Voices, Lauren B., Tiffany J., Redditor WhoDah ]
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