23 great examples of wonderfully inappropriate ad placements.

Don't let a cold take away your post-workout power move. And invite your daughter.

Most advertisements are so innocuous that you might not even notice them (except, we hope, when you're on this website). But sometimes a last-minute ad sale, an unforeseeable turn of events, or a page designer with a grudge can create an ad/content juxtaposition that's wildly insensitive, brilliantly ironic, or both. Here is a list of such jaw-dropping occurrences that we hope got someone either fired or promoted. 

First comes love, then comes a suicide attempt, then comes survival and a baby carriage.

Not thinking at all right now? Probably your best strategy, to be honest.

Bethany Bay, named for the many mysterious disappearances of Bethanys in the area.

The wheels on the bus go AWHOOOGA! AWHOOOGA!, the wheels on the bus go AWHOO....

Well, at least they accurately billed it as a two-night event.

Occupy this special Cash Back(TM) promotion!

McCain's rolls, filling rumbling tummies for mummies tumbling down the economic ladder.


Dream is such a broad word. Last night we had a dream that unicorns were fascists. So.

Dr. Shah, expert reconstructionist. "If I can hit it with my shotgun, I can rebuild it."


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