The most embarrassing instances of people shamefully misidentifying a Facebook photo.

I can only presume she is asking Superwoman to rescue her from her own ignorance.

If Facebook were a televised quiz show where you had to accurately identify celebrities, animals, famous landmarks, or anything else that should be common knowledge, the users in this list would all have scores in the negative double-digits. These cases of false identification should be enjoyed not just for the fun of watching people humiliate themselves, but also as cautionary tales demonstrating the importance of a quick Google Image search before clicking that post button.

To be fair, all British people do sort of look alike.

Well, only tourists look up in NYC. Real New Yorkers have never even seen those buildings.

O am pretty sure those are regular-sized guinea pigs.

There's never a wrong time to post the Eiffel Tower. Except maybe this one time.

Too bad none of Vincent van Gogh's self portraits were of him facepalming himself.  

Updated 6/15/13:

It could've totally been a courgette or marrow (a zucchini or the tasty goop inside bones).

We forgive you for not having seen "Clone Wars," but not for thinking Jedi wear helmets.

Not to mention that big new smile!


It could be true, for all we know the blue person is Kitty Pryde.


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