Disastrous and embarrassing cases of people forgetting to log out of Facebook.

When can we visit him in the dick removal hospital?

When someone takes over your Facebook account, do they take over your soul? No, of course they don't because souls aren't real. But Facebook is, and there's nothing more embarrassing than when someone steals your password and posts a pornographic status update in your name for all your nearly-forgotten high school acquaintances and distant cousins to read. Take a lesson from these poor victims of status-tory "frape." Strengthen that password and lock it up tight if you don't want to end up being humiliated in front of all 1600 of your "friends" in a hilariously entertaining manner.


At least in America they just search your crotch.


Let's just agree that everyone on Facebook's illiterate. Cool?


You owe him one George.


Worst "hack" ever. At least call her gay or something.


Updated 9/24/13:

Using meds without prescription causes you to give out your password.


It's nice when your friends REALLY know you.


The easiest way to come out is to leave your Facebook logged in.


Fire! This is a quiz right?


The best account abductions make you wait for it.

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