More yearbook quotes and photos that don't bode well for our future.

America's youth: very optimistic about our future of dystopian tyranny.

It's an annual tradition for graduating high schoolers to submit a few final words of wisdom to accompany their senior portraits in the yearbook. It's the perfect time to reference your favorite film, discuss your future plans, or sound like a complete idiot one last time. These students might eventually regret their quotes, but not as much as the yearbook staff regrets printing them.

Who says kids today don't know about current events? Except that he's dead.

We're young enough to remember when quoting the game was lame, let alone the show.

Would "righting good" mean returning it to evil?

Good God, these youngsters don't even know how to rickroll.

Yeah, that's actually pretty good. This kid is going places.

This is a win in so many ways, especially in that "win" is how you pronounce Nguyen.

So, not really much of a quote, but honestly, what else could he have written?

Joseph was quickly elected to the House of Representatives a few years later.


Well, this may not be a recent graduate, but we're glad he's out there, speaking the truth.

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