The most delightfully hostile notes ever left on a car windshield.

JAGOFF - The second-best 90s TV show about Navy lawyer jerks.

When you saw the trailer for that movie Flash of Genius where Greg Kinnear plays the guy who invented windshield wipers, you were probably thinking, "If I ever decide to kill myself, it will probably happen while I'm watching a movie about the guy who invented windshield wipers." But as these notes will attest, the windshield wiper is a seriously underrated medium of expression, allowing countless anonymous people to express their furious, amusing, and occasionally psychotic observations to their fellow motorists. All thanks to a little rubber blade against a piece of glass.

If we could repay our traffic tickets in cookies, we'd appreciate that, too.

We never thought of it that way. Does that mean Hummers are like 64oz Big Gulps?

That also could have been something besides peanut butter, which would also be worse.

Maybe the more important story here is a sentient LEAF that writes notes on dead trees?


School parking lots are like prison. You gotta double-park on the first day, or else...

On the plus side, hey! You look rich! Hooray!

Updated 4/24/13:

This is going to be a great "how we met" story someday.

You know what they say about guys with huge cars: they're jerks.

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