The most awkwardly public breakups in Facebook history.

Good behavior causes bad heartbreak. (Via)

Witnessing these nasty breakups in person would be incredibly uncomfortable. But when you can watch from a safe, projectile-free distance on Facebook, it's like seeing a building implode. A building with two very annoying people inside. On the other hand, maybe all of these couples could've stayed together longer if they communicated by any means other than social media.


According to the redditor that shared this, they'd been dating for five weeks. (Via)


Maybe you'd want to send something? Dead flowers, perhaps? (Via)


This woman really isn't a fan of the whole "punishment fits the crime" thing. (Via)


What's the emoji for "Feeling Repetitive"? (Via)


Can we pity the state of your school district? (Via)


Updated 11/20/13:

You are his life, Emily.


Or maybe "is single." Yeah, try that.


I bet your GF also thinks love is a motherf*cker.


Your break-up life, on the other hand, is of interest to us.

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