Craigslist Missed Connections that we pray never lead to a connection.

This might be fake. No one wearing Google Glass has ever been called "sexy."

Sometimes a missed connection ad seems to be there solely to show you how close you came to death, or worse, a hookup or relationship with a truly unhinged person. Look through these ads detailing some terrifying near-misses, and if you recognize yourself in any of them, thank your lucky stars you got away alive.


Careful. You don't want to be one of those couples who can only do it at funerals. (Via)


You both love name-brand fashion at low prices. You were made for each other.


Had no idea there was more than one brand of pork rinds. (Via)


To summarize. You: Neck veins. Me: Enjoys neck veins.


He's not going to want to have sex with you if you make him catch a cold.


Updated 1/22/14:

Everyone has their own definition of "funny." Especially when it comes to smells.


I'm sure she remembers your fingertip when it grazed the digital pixelation of her face.

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