6 new contenders for the single most enjoyable note ever written to a neighbor.


This guy could help the sleepless neighbor above. (VIa)


It's a scary day when you find out your building has not one but two "Bronys." (Via)


Updated 2/3/14:

Oh damn. That guy had best never wave back. (Via)


Believe it or not, the guy who wrote this says his intended meaning was,
"Please, Satan, leave me alone." Oops.


I bet Big booty bitches are just fine with the volume. (Via)

Seriously. And the "Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh" crap gets old real fast. (Via)


Less quiet? So, louder, and maybe with some narration so the kid gets it? (Via)


Say what you want about our kid, but how DARE you say we have no talent! (Via)


Updated 1/1/14:

Maybe they named her after a grandmother? (Via)


If you can't say something nice about someone, say it with the wifi. (Via)

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