6 new contenders for the single most enjoyable note ever written to a neighbor.

20G is the dictionary definition of "being chill." (Via)

As the earth's population continues to grow, humans are forced to live in ever closer proximity to each other, pissing each other off in new and disgusting ways. The neighbor note is the most effective medium to alert your neighbors to the myriad ways in which their way of life is destroying yours. So if you're going to leave one yourself and want to make sure your neighbors pay heed, take a cue from these authors and unload on that piece of paper with both barrels.


That kitty seems kind of into it, though. Mixed messages! (Via)


The wording makes it really sound like this guy just found his life's mission. (Via)


For this rooster, we are all victims too. (Via)


I'm with the note-writer. Orgy-havers should keep it a secret from those who weren't invited. (Via)


So many valid points made in such a brief correspondence. (Via)


Updated 3/2/14:

It did seem odd that they kept screaming "Love." (Via)


But the dogs are just shouting, "Why don't you love us?!" (Via)


You're taking it too literally. UPS feels like "being home" is a state of mind, man. (Via)


What if you trained the dog to poop on junk mail? (Via)

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