30 completely insane resumes that may actually be better than yours.

We're mostly interested in your phone experience. Our laser T-Rex spot is currently filled.

If you're mired in unemployment — and there's a depressingly likely chance that you are — here's a look at your deranged competition. A proficiency in sandwich preparedness and a fear of the elderly might seem like questionable qualifications for an office job, but they're still more impressive than your summer in the Arby's drive-thru. Let us know if you've seen, written, or personally rejected any resumes as ridiculous as these.

Cocking dinners is great, but 150+ people is a little too awkward for us.

Crap, he's on to our "massive unemployment" ruse!


I'm sorry, we really need someone who's proficient in Mariokart 64.

Actually, we're hiring the Larry you said you could grow from a single hair.


You're hi... wait. Is there a possibility that these bars could mean virtually nothing?

So, the hangging with your friends... that's separate from card, board, and video games?


We're getting a major "robot in clothes" vibe from this email.


Tnx 4 ur rezume. Weve been lookin for a ppl prsn. Plz model 4 us and give kids coke.

We won't hire you because we only wanted one cover letter. Specifically, "Q."


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