Man running meth lab gets arrested while wearing "Los Pollos Hermanos" t-shirt.

His mom threw his Vamonos Pest shirt in the laundry.
(Via Cook County Sheriff's Office)

Gus Fring is rolling over in his fictional grave.

Daniel Kowalski is an alleged meth cook. On Monday, the 21-year-old kid got arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine manufacturing materials, and possession of methamphetamine precursors. Based on the shirt he was wearing in his mug shot (above), we're betting when the police said the word "precursor" he shouted "Hey that's that word they kept saying on the show!"

While at the time of his arrest, Daniel was wearing a tee shirt with the logo of meth kingpin Gus Fring's restaurant chain, "Los Pollos Hermanos," he sounds like he didn't dot the I's and cross the T's as well as Gus. This is his second arrest for trying to cook meth. In July, he was put on electronic monitoring after meth-cooking materials were found in his house. Unlike Fring, Daniel didn't try to elude police by launching a chicken restaurant as a cover and developing a relationship with a German conglomerate. Instead, Daniel kept his second batch of meth materials in the exact same place police found them the first time: his house. It was just crazy enough to work!

Not exactly a real-life Gus Fring. If he digs sci-fi, he could maybe pass for a real-life "Badger." As far as Walter White goes, they already identified the real-life version.

(by Bob Powers)

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