Melissa Gilbert threatened to punch Shannon Doherty during an interview. Your move, Brenda Walsh.

Half-Pint threatens full-contact! (via Bravo)

Melissa Gilbert broke a few dishes during an interview this week on Bravo TV's Watch What Happens Live. When host Andy Cohen started a question and answer game, Melissa took the opportunity to reheat some leftover beef and move a few units of her book. First she threatened to jump the line of people who want to punch Shannon Doherty in the face, because Gilbert claims that during one of Shannon's days off from her job burning every bridge in Hollywood, she found the time to sleep with Melissa's ex-husband, prior to the "ex" part.

Melissa still has a soft side, though, and was sympathetic when ex-boyfriend Rob Lowe asked her not to refer to him as "pretty" in her book. I think she went with "foxy." The Little House on the Prairie star also says she went on a date with Billy Idol to Rick James' house which she called "the scariest place she's ever been to." Coming from a woman who rode in the passenger's seat of Billy Idol's car, that's saying something.

She also dated a young Tom Cruise, who she says she never had sex with, but did buy him his first set of dishes. Do tell!

She did have something nice to say about Scott Baio. When Andy asked her how big of an A-hole he is on a scale of one to ten, she said a six or seven. A comment like that would have most people in tears, but when you're Scott Baio, you hang a six or seven on your refrigerator.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

[ Via Bravo, H/T Dlisted ]
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