This student gets an A+ in Rickrolling his physics teacher.

Ironically, I gave up on my high school physics class after about three days.

Okay, the fact that this kid Sairam Gudiseva was clever enough to weave the lyrics to Rick Astley's infamous '80s pop hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" into a physics paper about Niels Bohr and quantum mechanics is pretty goddamned impressive. Really, just being able to write a physics paper about Niels Bohr and quantum mechanics is impressive in its own right, but this takes it up about 40 notches. Here it is in its complete form:

Now that this very impressive thing has happened and has been acknowledged, can we all just enter into an agreement that this is the end of it. Rickrolling has had its decade in the sun, and even your Mom is anticipating it from a mile away. It's time to let it go to the old meme's home where it can play cards with "Chocolate Rain" and "How Is Babby Formed."

And, for what it's worth, even this admittedly impressive variation on the Rickroll isn't completely original. Here's a similar usage from a couple years ago.

And, since you were kind enough to read down this far, here's a totally real picture of Jennifer Lawrence and Keanu Reeves swimming in a ball pit full of kittens and puppies. For real! I promise!

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

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