This freaky dancing dog is exactly how you look when you're dancing.

You may want to look away, but don't. (screengrab via Facebook)

We can pretend the dog in the video below is just trying to scratch his back on that chair, but we all know there's something else happening here. The rhythm of the music has gotten into his body—into his legs and head and tail—and there's just no other way to express himself than to move! He knows it. Those other two dogs know it (though they're sort of annoyed by it). You and I know it. So shake your pink, hairless groove thang, puppy.

Nathan the dog belongs to Bald is Beautiful Rescue, a South Carolina-based non-profit that rescues hairless and small breed dogs so they can safely let the music take them over for years to come. I'm assuming that means you could adopt him and have this amazingness in your home on a daily basis. Could you even handle it?

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

[ Via Facebook ]
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