Jennifer Lawrence wore a dress last night, and now the entire Internet is wearing the same thing.

"Teen Wolf" + Jennifer Lawrence = Internet Fandom Perfect Storm.

Almost a year after Jennifer Lawrence tripped onstage at the Oscars and launched a thousand GIFs, she has conquered the Internet again by wearing a dress. Yes, wearing a dress. She made such an impression that #Lawrencing has instantly exploded, most significantly after Teen Wolf and Arrow actor Colton Hayes recreated Jen's growling photobomb of Taylor Swift last night.

That's how much we love Jennifer Lawrence. She won our hearts by being clumsy, down-to-earth, and willing to discuss her terrible gas and diarrhea problems on TV, and now all she has to do to inspire a meme is show up places in clothes. Clothes which she was contractually obligated to wear as a model for Dior (and also to comply with laws saying you shold be wearing clothes - if she showed up without them somehow, I imagine it would break the Web so badly that someone would have to go into a bunker in New Mexico, unplug the Internet and plug it back in again). I really hope our relationship with J-Law never goes south, because I don't think I could ever let myself become celeb-obsessed again.

Let's not pretend you didn't work really hard on that.

Only puppies can compete with J-Law for adorability.

That dress on the left looks very comfy.

Jen has bigger and cuter eyes, you pathetic little cat.

Except Jennifer Lawrence would probably shove Prince Eric out of the way for a burger.

As always, please do your patriotic duty and report any instances of Jennifer Lawrence being adorable to your local media outlet.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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