This guys' plane crashed into the ocean. Naturally, he took a selfie. (Bonus twist ending)

Bae caught me crashin'. (via Ferdinand Puentes)

Ferdinand Puentes lives on Hawaii, and as we all know, Hawaii is a great place for exciting outdoor activities like snorkling, surfing, hiking, and piloting small aircraft over the largest body of water on Earth. Sadly for Ferdinand, the Cessna he was in with several other passengers suffered a catastrophic failure and plunged into the sea. Things were not easy for Ferdinand, as he told KHON2 news: "Steel-toed boots, heavy work jeans, and long sleeve shirt. It was hard and exhasting to swim with all of that."

The craziest part of this story, however, is that Ferdinand also filmed the plane crashing by turning on his GoPro camera:

I'm sure if you crashed in a plane everyone would totally be this calm.

Fortunately, the plane crashed about half a mile from the island of Molokai, better known as the home of the world's last and most famous leper colony (the colony was disbanded in 1969 but fourteen former patients continue to live there. The town only has a population of 122). You can see Molokai in the background of this picture below, although keep in mind that Ferdinand was wearing steel-toed boots and work clothes, so I would not have advised him to swim. Fortunately, he was able to use one of the seats as a flotation device (that's right, people - it works):

Incredible stress and tragedy aside, that's a great shot of Molokai. Nice place to be a leper.
(via Ferdinand Puentes on Facebook)

Puentes said they floated for what "seemed like hours" before being picked up by the Coast Guard. 8 passengers survived. Sadly, one woman did perish in the crash, and I'm really burying the lede here because this story may turn out to be equally crazy: the one unfortunate casualty was Loretty Fuddy, the Director of Hawaii's Department of Health. That name means nothing to you or me, but to Americans living on the borders of reality, it means a great deal: she's the one who officially declared President Obama's birth certificate valid right when the Birther challenges were at their peak. The fringe sites, obviously, are already active.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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