A guy passed out at a party. His very creative friends went to town.

That's an illegal move, but it's brilliant.

This is pretty much the kindest practical joke a group of friends has ever played on the first person to pass out at a party. Sure, it's possible they were just out of Sharpies. Or poorly drawn forehead dicks aren't cool anymore (UPDATE: I asked some college kids and poorly drawn forehead dicks are still cool). Or maybe this is a creative, intellectual bunch who just don't find cruelty humorous.

Evidently, they took the time to put their sleeping friend in the "recovery position" first, which shows a certain amount of maturity and consideration. Whatever their reasons for not taking advantage of a potential victim, I applaud their ingenuity and class.

And I'm sure this kid will, too, once he gets used to his new buzz cut.


That's pretty much how I approach going to work on any given day.

"His sound was hardcore with a touch of snooze button."

He stayed up all night getting ready for the tea party, and then he couldn't even enjoy it.

Dusting in your sleep: the tip every tired housewife should know!

Newborns, am I right?

Just don't eat or drink any of those things, and you should feel fine tomorrow.

Listen, kid. These tiny pants aren't going to iron themselves.

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

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