Take this quiz that can tell you exactly where you grew up based solely on the dumb ways you talk.

A centipede? That means you're from a bad school district. (Screencap from NY Times)

This quiz from The New York Times is being shared far and wide today, primarily because it keeps guessing right. It asks you questions about how you pronounce certain words (Crayon with one syllable or two?) and what words you use for certain things (Do you wear sneakers or tennis shoes to the gym?). In the end it matches you up to a particular part of the country based on the number of people who use the same words and pronunciations as you.

It nailed me down to the city. I grew up in a suburb of Phily, and it gave me three places where I probably came from, with Philly at the top of the list.

Because "Cry after being pummeled with eggs night" wasn't an option. 
(Screencap from NY Times)

Take the quiz and discover that not only do computers know where you are at all times, they also know where you've been!

(by Bob Powers)

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