The 10 most perfectly timed photos of December.

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1) He looks so happy. No doubt happier than a milisecond after this shot was taken.

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2) This adorable seal has no idea how funny he looks with his face pressed against the glass. Unless that's not his face, in which case he my be in on the joke.

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3) This shot is all a matter of perspective. If you're holding the camera, then it's a perfectly timed photo. If you're about to plant your ass on a frozen puddle on your way to work, then the timing could not be worse.

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4) If you hapen to be this guy's Secret Santa you'd be crazy to not go with a tiny hat. Just look at him!

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5) This one may be a screen grab, but it does involve a photographer so it gets a pass. Also, I've got a third grade sense of humor.

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6) The title of this post was "And that's how I got a concussion." I might feel bad posting this, but the redditor who posted this goes by the handle I_LIKE_TO-EAT_PUPS so I won't lose any sleep over it.

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7) This vacation shot is either a perfectly timed shot of the umbrella floating away, or a result of the world's best bartender garnishing a drink just out of frame.

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8) This enthusiastic groomsman is either doing a pretty good Worm or a three-quarter front somersault into faceplant. Whichever it is, the move is a crowd pleaser.

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9) I hope this shot was taken with a zoom lens, because otherwise it looks like a messy ending for both the bird and the camera.

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10) We've all been there before. I just hope he did the decent thing and offered to switch vests.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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