Awful customer gets shut down on Facebook by company founder.

I don't know, Ryan. It seems like she has an appropriate amount of sports-bottle-related rage.

Ryan Clark is the Co-Founder and COO of Liberty Bottleworks, a company that makes "The Only American-Made Metal Water Bottle." Ms. NAME REDACTED, on the other hand, is a lady from Grand Rapids, MI (I Googled "Bill and Paul's Sporthaus") who is very, very unhappy with the service (or lack thereof) that she received from Liberty. So angry that she used the most powerful key in the entire QWERTY spectrum, caps lock, to comment on their public Facebook page.

First of all, let's congratulate Mr. Clark on, at the very least, a public relations coup. American employees today are so routinely taken for granted during the holiday season that even if it takes destroying an American customer to defend their right to have holidays, then so be it. Also, as a culture we've decided that angry, entitled customers are the worst. Why? Because they piss off the two most popular groups of people in America: people with normal jobs (hey, like me!) and all the other customers in line (like me! hurry up, lady!). Granted, there is no "line" here, but I think it's the same instinct that kicks in. 

Like a Texas science classroom, unfortunately, we have to teach the controversy here. I'd like to just leave this as a simple story of a justified smackdown, but I have a semi-journalistic semi-responsibiility to post the other images I found of her complaints. This was her response to the incident:

Nothing screams "well-reasoned argument" like huge blocks of text with random all-caps.

And apparently, this post was made to her timeline before the post on Liberty's page:

Their products are GREAT. I HATE THEM SO MUCH.

If only more customer service interactions could play out like this one.

I hope no one has any problems with this post, because I'm giving my brain a holiday until January 3rd. If you have a problem with that, I guess you just hate American jobs.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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