6 Internet things you totally don't want to miss on the Internet this week.

6. All the JFK murder conspiracies, collected in one helpful cartoon blog post. From Mike Duncan and Jason Novak comes this "illustrated guide to every person, plot and nefarious organization every accused of killing JFK." Conspiracy theorists are crazy, but also sort of fascinating.


5. A crab leaves his shell. Aaaaah! Weird.


4. Harvard pranks Yale. In advance of tomorrow's annual football game between Harvard and Yale ("The Game"), a group of Harvard students went down to Yale, posed as Yale students and gave a hilariously biased tour of the campus for unsuspecting prospective students and their parents. Quite enjoyable if you can see past all the snobbiness.


3. What women are thinking while men go down on them. A collection of GIFs posted to imgur illustrates just what women are thinking if they're lucky enough to have that special someone go down on them. The little girl trying to pet the dog freaked me out a bit, but otherwise pretty accurate.


2. Michael Cera's Shouts & Murmurs entry. I only just watched This Is The End, so I'm still trying to get the image of Michael Cera as a cocaine-addled narcissist out of my head. This amusing humor piece for the New Yorker, "My Man Jeremy," helps.


1. List Challenge. Good news! You never have to waste time looking for a way to waste time online ever again. The site List Challenges is certain to occupy all or most of your brainpower for the next 35-50 years. Basically, it lets you check off what movies you've seen, books you've read, candies you've consumed, and then compare your score with your friends. It's extremely addictive and thus terribly dangerous. Also, I've read more Best Novels of All Time than you.

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