Sometimes we just don't know what status to post on Facebook. This will fix that forever.

I stand by this one. The novelization of Sex and the City 2 was a really scary read. 

You can stop laboring over that Facebook status, gang. This week's Internet thing that does stuff is a Facebook status autogenerator. What Would I Say? connects to your public Facebook account and absorbs data and keywords from your very profound history of Facebook self-absorption. Then with a click of a button, it auto-generates a status that you were probably going to post anyway because we're all just pretty much telling our Facebook friends that we feel blessed for our family and friends over and over again, right?

Wrong! I did it and apparently I don't post about anything but women's television.

Know who won ProjRun that season? My Facebook friends for being treated to my liveposts!


Actually, I guess I just post about any television. Even horribly disappointing wastes of television.

If I ever really saw the Smoke Monster I would chastise it for not having any narrative payoff.


And I occasionally use Facebook to plan absurdist shopping trips.

Time to turn my house into El Blizzardo de Oz.


Okay, it's pretty much gibberish. But it's fun to tease out exactly why that particular strand of gibberish was formed and take a trip down status update lane. Site is here. You can choose against auto-posting to Facebook if you're not ready to turn your status updates over to the machines just yet. In closing, here's what everyone's Facebook status should be all the time forever.

(by Bob Powers)

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