31 parents who did family Halloween costumes very right, or very, very wrong.

They can wage an epic battle, but then someone needs to go down for his nap.

Halloween, at least as it's celebrated in America today, is for kids. Kids dress up and kids go around and get candy. Any adults who dress up are just overgrown children or professionals in haunted houses. But what happens when those overgrown children have children of their own? You end up with some pretty complicated multi-person costumes, some of which are adorable and some of which will probably scar those children for life. Here's the best of both those categories.

Why Little Red Riding Hood, what a bushy beard you have! (via)


Who ya gonna call? He's gonna call his dad.


Time for a costume as weird as the show it's based on.


Mario is powered-up right now, that's why he's so big. (via)


Soy Dora the Explorer! Also, soy un serious pushover.


That kid needs a more responsible father and a light. (via)


Nemo's dad would never hold him that loosely! (via)


She may not find your pets, but she will cuddle them.


Doing it right: This fam incorporates their son's wheelchair in their awesome costumes.

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