A woman in a pretty dress was photographed freaking out at a rat in her office. Now everyone wants to buy that dress.

Does the rodent even know the power it has?

This pic was shared by Redditor andyrosenberg with the title, "There was a rat in the office. Got an awesome pic of the scene." More than just an awesome pic, it's like a bravery quiz. Pick who you'd be. The Warrior, armed with a broom and ready to do battle? The Spotter, bending into the nooks and crannies, checking the corners with an eagle eye for the trespassing vermin? Or would you be The Dress, precariously balanced on furniture to seek safety at the room's highest level of elevation?

I'd be the dress. And not just because she looks fabulous.

One wonders if this was a bold new venture into nefarious viral marketing, since the comments thread on this photo was quickly overrun with people wanting to know where that dress could be bought. Someone identified it as this dress from Bebe. Not sure if it was sold out before this photo hit the webs, but it's presently got a status of "unavailable for immediate shipment."

Commenters also suspected viral marketing, which lead one user to throw this together:

Look at what the Internet can do! A rat scurries through an office, and it causes a chain-reaction that makes an online clothing website sell out of a cute, mock turtleneck tube dress. It's like a chapter in a Malcolm Gladwell book, or some kind of weird butterfly effect, except with disgusting rats and spandex.

(by Bob Powers)

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