The most heartwarming pizza place on Earth.

Four slices and seven toppings ago, our fathers brought forth the ultimate meat-lovers pizza.

How cool is this policy at Greenville House of Pizza in Greenville, NH? I feel like a pizza place that offers a safe place to study and rewards for good grades is something that could only happen in a dream sequence on Gilmore Girls. Here's the full text of the blurry sign on the left:

Students, while you do your (approved) homework assignments here, you may enjoy pizza slices for 35¢
If you complete your assignments to my satisfaction, you will earn a complimentary Root Beer float.
There is no purchase necessary. All are welcome here to study, and earn your root beer float.
To the extent that I can, I will be happy to assist you in understanding your assignments.

This is so amazing that it almost makes you believe that there are still good adults out there and that the children might be something other than our horrible, horrible future.

Now, please, brace yourself. The place closed. Like, within the last year. Recently enough that the couple who snapped the photo on their walk through town didn't realize that it was closed. I don't know why. Maybe it sent everyone to Ivy League schools and went broke from encouraging so much studying. Maybe it's just a tough economy for small business. One thing is for certain: the Internet should do something about it. I mean, it's not like we're going to fix Syria. Let's get this place back open.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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