One man's Vine combines eating goldfish and treadmills in a way we never knew we always wanted.

So THAT'S what that weird moving sidewalk thingamajiggy is for!

This Vine of a man giving the finger to all ideas of exercise and healthy eating has, according to Daily Dot, taken over reddit's r/gifs forum (it's a forum full of .gifs, in case that wasn't clear. You can see the .gif below). It's easy to say how awesome this Vine is (very), but why is a different matter. Is it his childlike sense of imagination? Getting past the idea of lining up food on a surface used primarily to accept the pounding of sweaty gym shoes is something I don't think I could handle after the age of 24. It might be the technical mastery. I mean, yes, the first line of Goldfish streaming into his mouth was impressive, but the sine curve took this beyond the realm of f*ck-aroundary. I wish I could tell you more about the mysterious "Savannah" but all attempts were thwarted. If anyone has any further information, let me know.

In the meantime, enjoy a reversed .gif version and an endlessly-looping .gif version, brought to you by redditors foyamoon and frotlops, respectively:

Up Next on "How It's Made": Goldfish crackers!

If we ever replace the American flag with a .gif, I nominate this one.

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