28 inexplicable signs you'll really wish you knew the backstory behind.

If you were wondering, it's the old different-religions'-versions-of-'s***-happens' sign in back.
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This list is dedicated to the idiots, the drunk ones, the high ones, the ones who think aliens are controlling their minds. These idiots have created problems so bizarre that no normal person ever thought to say "hey, you shouldn't do that," until they went and did. And so now we have to leave warning signs that make no sense, except to the dangerously unhinged. This list also celebrates people who create spaces where creative insanity is encouraged. These are the people that have signs inviting you in for weirdnesses you'd rather not even contemplate. These signs bridge the world of the sane and insane. We have no clue what they mean.

This should be an everywhere rule. Is this not an everywhere rule? (via)

That's either a very generous drawing or a very small hand. (via)

I mean, obviously that's not how you swallow it. (via)

But how else am I supposed to burn my facial pores off with a relaxing coffee splash? (via)

Finally, someone is standing up to little old ladies. (via)

Updated 2/25/14

I don't know, sign, but you better make a different suggestion than the one I'm thinking.

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Sadly, as we all know, 2013 succumbed to poisonating on Dec. 31st. (via)

What if we sacrifice others for others? Just be, like, a middleman in the sacrifice? (via) 

This is an office microwave. I guess the lesson here is "use the toaster oven"? (via)

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