An actor made a compilation of all his Japanese commercials to try to get US work. It probably won't help.

Once you've starred in the best, you'll never go back to the West.

George Kareman is an actor who would like to do more work in America, so he created a reel of his greatest work in Japan. Like all the greatest works of Japanese television, everything is, of course, batshit insane.

To be clear, George Kareman is a very talented comedian from New York (he also wrote the video) and so is everyone in this. A lot of the YouTube commenters were confused as to whether or not this is real, which is a pretty high compliment on the Internet. Unfortunately for them, I know most of the people in this video, like Jesse Lee, Tabitha Lee and Shannon O'Neill. Who are awesome. Directed by Kirk Larsen. So, just to be even clearer: this is comedy. Not real. Comedy.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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