Relationship advice for the girl in the iPhone Facetime commercial whose boyfriend didn't apologize.

Well then to hell with him!

Dear Did He Apologize Girl,

Leave him. LEAVE! HIM! He's a shit, and you know it. 

Look at you. Look how sad you are. You're down on the floor. Low to the ground because that's where he makes you feel like you belong. He makes you feel like dirt.

Leaning up against the radiator, seeking warmth from wherever you can find it because you're certainly not getting it from him.

You can't even use words when you talk about him, because you know any time you talk about him, you're in danger of saying the four words that are always on the tip of your tongue.

"I should leave him."

Still feel like maybe this relationship is worth saving? Do me a favor. Look around at everyone else in this commercial. Look how happy they are.

Children playing on the beach! Couples showing off engagement rings! Boyfriends blowing kisses at the screen! Girls in pretty dresses picking out apartments to move their lives forward, full-speed ahead into happiness!

And then, right there in the middle of all that joy, is sad little frowny-faced you

It's not fair, is it? IS IT?!

Those people aren't more deserving of happiness than you, are they?

Then why are you putting up with him? He hurt you, and then he runs off without even apologizing, leaving you on the floor to get some sympathy via Facetime from a girlfriend, or maybe that's your mom, or maybe it's an old high school teacher whom you still contact for advice sometimes, which is weird, sure, but you went to a really good school.

And what's going on here?

Playing with your bracelet. Tugging at it. He gave that to you, didn't he? Probably gave it to you a long time ago. Maybe it was the last time he gave you a present. Must be a long time ago, because it looks like it's fraying now.

I know you're thinking of all the years you've already wasted on this asshole, and you want to give him another chance, or else all that time you spent was for nothing. But let me ask you this question, Did He Apologize Girl. Those years you already wasted on him, maybe two or three, are those years more important than all the years you have ahead of you?

Didn't think so, DHAG. You have a whole life ahead of you. That life can be just as happy as all those smug a-holes in the rest of your commercial. The happy memories you and your unapologetic boyfriend share, they're not going to disappear just because you leave him. Your time together wasn't wasted. You're both going to take what you learned together and bring it to your next relationship, and you'll both be stronger for it.

So it's time to get up off the floor, patch up the knee on those jeans, and STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU DESERVE! The minute he walks through the door, you stand up to him and you say, "I deserve better than you! I'm sick of being Did He Apologize Girl. I want to be Of Course He Apologized Girl. Or maybe even He Has Nothing To Apologize For Girl. I loved you, but it's time to move on. It's over between you and me, buddy!"

Think you can do that, DHAG?

Oh well. I did what I could. Even though he wouldn't say it, I'll say what you deserve to hear.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry he treats you like this. I'm sorry, DHAG.

Facetime me later if you need to talk, okay? Hang in there, girlfriend.

(by Bob Powers)

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