Yesterday I wrote about a forum freaking out over a nerdy guy. Jimmies were rustled.

Photoshopping my head on things? That's ALPHA AS FUCK.

Yesterday, I wrote an article, "Insecure Bodybuilders Have Roid-Rage Freakout Over Nerdy Guy With Hot Girls" about, well, people on the "Misc" forum of freaking out over some pictures of a nerdy guy with hot girls. Today, they responded by starting a thread to photoshop me into embarrassing .gifs and make me into a meme. This, of course, is my wildest dream.

*You're a handsome devil, sir.

As far as the original post about the nerdy kid, I didn't know the story behind the kid then and I don't now, because I still don't care. They say he's definitely gay (that's not the word they use), which doesn't really affect why it's funny. The funny thing was the 25 pages of people's bewildered, angry, and occasionally panicked reactions:

This is the kid. The "Right???" is following "He must be friendzoned as fuq, right?"

DeadPulse, you are a fountain of class.

The article did fine, I was happy a few people read it. It did blow up on one site, though:'s "Misc" form.

Your butt-hurt makes me want to protein shake in my pants.

Basically, their criticism boiled down to a few points. 1.) I didn't understand that misc is full of satire. Naturally, I mistook "misc ripping on some ugly phaggot" for, uh, exactly that. 

Takes a real phaggot to miss the brilliant satire of our phaggot talk. No homo.

2.) In addition to my general misunderstanding, I also don't get their memes. Their memes being...

Yes, like your hilarious "S&P crew" meme. How could I have missed that?

I did point out a few of the crews, like the "Hate Women Crew" and the "Chode Pride Crew," but now that I know they're memes, I realize that they are actually hilarious and had just gone over my stupid head. Who knew that was a source of memes? They do, and they're really upset that we don't:

Oh, wow! You guys came up with "do you even lift, bro?" That reminds me of this meme:

You realize it sounds not-ironic when you guys say it, right? 

They also are mad that I called people in "misc" bodybuilders. That's fair. It's also fair to say that I overused the word "steroids" and "roid-rage":

My bad. I didn't mean to pick on a bunch of losers.

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