Legalization of pot leads directly to the police department having the funniest Twitter feed in Seattle.

DUN DUN!!! (Oh wait, these tweets don't sound like Law & Order at all!)

Cops can be fun sometimes, you guys. It was Hempfest this weekend in Seattle, except this year's annual marijuana festival was the first to take place since maraijuana was legalized in Washington State. With drug laws having been on the books for so long, you'd think the police might have trouble dropping the habit of being the enemy of pot-smokers. Surely that learned animosity toward the longhairs would linger in the air just like the smoke from their evil mary jane puff sticks. The Seattle PD took to their Twitter feed to prove that doesn't have to be the case.

And they didn't limit it to their Twitter feed. Since the specific marijuana laws are still a little murky, the police were on-hand at the festival handing out bags of Doritos affixed with this sticker spelling out the do's and dont's:

In short, if Ron Slater from Dazed and Confused was real and had been sought for comment, he might have said, "Seattle, Washington is a hip, hip, hip city, man."

(by Bob Powers)

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