A mother left this sign in her bathroom to scold her masturbation-happy 13-year-old.

Someone's getting a cum rag for Christmas!

According to redditor Droplynx, this is the note his wife put up in the bathroom after one too many encounters with a suspiciously sticky hand towel. Actually, I'm hoping that's not how she figured out the problem. I'm hoping the kid was smart enough to wad up the used hand towels and shove them in the bottom of the hamper like a normal person, and the mom found out what was happening because every time she wanted to dry her hands she had to get out a new towel. Sometimes multiple times per day.

Also, in case you were wondering, Droplynx confirms in the comments of his post that his wife doesn't know My Little Pony is experiencing a weird resurgence in popularity among men and boys (nor does his son). She meant it as a threat.

The Justin Bieber towel threat, on the other hand, suggests this child would be better off in foster care.

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

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