Are you aware of Facebook's "Other" inbox full of messages you haven't seen yet?

Yes, Facebook has a separate mailbox for messages it thinks you don't care about. It's in a tab right up there next to your inbox. You probably already heard about it. And if you haven't, you've already clicked away from here to see all the wonderful, life-changing messages that will finally turn everything around for you.

It's the ultimate beacon of hope, a vast slush pile of online correspondence you didn't know you had. The possibilities are endless. Before you click on it, you can only imagine the endless opportunities and entreaties that await you there. Did those job offers go into the wrong inbox? Did your ex actually send replies to all your messages and you just never saw them?

The "Other" Inbox. It. Is. Hope.

Once you click on it, though, that's a different story...

Sigh. Don't lose hope. Twitter probably has some really important DM's that haven't gotten to you yet.

(by Bob Powers)

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