Politician sets gold standard for how to act after accidentally posting your genitals online.

And he didn't send it to a teenaged intern or anything? Just Instagram? BOOOORRIIING.

Swedish member (zing) of parliament Lars Ohly didn't mean to send a picture of his dick to the world; like any good politician, he was just trying to take a pic of his sweet new Liverpool soccer club tattoo. Of course, there's the age-old risk of trying to photograph your freshly-inked leg while lying naked on a towel on the dirt near a tree somewhere: your dick might be hanging out. Naturally, Lars, the former head of the Left Party, was forced to resign as a sexual deviant, all while right-wing media were using this as proof that all liberals are perverts looking to destroy family values. Oh, wait, that's not what happened at all. Everyone thought it was hilarious and he laughed about it on his Twitter account.

"I'm Lars Ohly, and I approve of you having seen my penis. Haha! Ooopsiesnorkens!"

See, that's what happens when you play it cool. Well, let me back up a little: that's what happens when you play it cool, and when it is also an accident, and when you send your dick to the entire planet instead of a young woman your wife doesn't know about. Indeed, instead of trying to physically dismember him with their teeth as the average cable news host or House member might have done, Ohly's opponents merely took to Twitter to make fun of him:

If Lars Ohly's only accomplishment is getting politicians off social media, give him a Nobel.
(screenshot via France24)

I have a feeling there's some grand statement to be made here about how our sexual Puritanism actually leads to higher rates of bizarre and hurtful behavior behind closed doors (because no one knows how to exist as a sexual being in America), and lower rates of "haha whoops" nudity incidents. Personally, I'd rather have my politicians accidentally flashing me and laughing than the feeling that they're all nutcases with simultaneous exhibitionism and shame complexes mixed with the total sociopathy you need for American politics in general. Am I making sweeping statements without evidence? You bet your ass I am, but look deep into your soul and ask yourself why we have Mark Sanfords and the Swedes have Lars Ohly's balls. 

By the way, Rick Perry probably has sex with his male cabinet members.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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