5 Internet things we can't believe you missed on the Internet this week.

What pointless IRL interactions have you been wasting your time with? You missed all this awesome Internet stuff, you dolt!

5. Jennifer Lawrence reacts to meeting Jeff Bridges. Jennifer Lawrence totally nerded out when she met Jeff Bridges. It's like she could be your friend! But she isn't. (via)


4. A trailer for the Daria movie starring Aubrey Plaza that you wish was real. It's not real, but considering how excited people are getting, maybe it's Kickstarter time. (via)


3. The Dirty Library Tumblr. What if all of your beloved children's books were for pervy adults? Dirty Library answers that weird question. (via)

2. The Carlos Danger Name Generator. If you need a sexting pseudonym of your very own, use Slate's name generator. (Mine's Anibal Jeopardy.) (via)


1. The Royal Name Generator. If you don't want (or already have) a sexting name, here's a royal name generator that's just as fun. (via)

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